Collections allow you to create custom groups for your favorite restaurants. You can create a collection in one of two ways on the website.

Creating a collection from the list of restaurants:

  1. With your mouse, hover over the heart icon to the bottom-right hand corner of the restaurant card. You will then see 3 options appear. Move your mouse over the blue icon and select 'Collections'.

2. Click 'Create a new collection'.

Creating a collection from within your profile:

  1. Go to "Hi, [Your Name]".
  2. Beneath 'My Collections’, click the option to 'Create a new collection!'.

Customizing a collection:

You will have the ability to name your collection, upload a cover photo for the collection, write a description, select whether it's public or private, and add restaurants to the collection.

Collection names are limited to 50 characters.
Collection descriptions are limited to 255 characters.

Editing a collection:

  1. Select a collection, from within your profile. 
  2. You should then see the name of your collection, the cover photo, and a pen icon paired with the word 'Edit' to the right under the cover photo. Click on the option to 'Edit'.
  3. A modal will appear where you can edit the name and description of your collection. You can also add, edit, or delete a custom cover photo by clicking 'Edit Cover Image'.  Here you can also mark your collection as public or private.

Adding restaurants to a collection:

  1. Hover over the heart icon on the restaurant card from within the restaurant list.
  2. Select 'Collections'.
  3. A modal will appear with a list of your collections. Clicking on a collection will add the selected restaurant to that collection. If the restaurant is already in a collection, you will see a checkmark over that collection.

Deleting restaurants from a collection:

  1. Go to the collection that the restaurant is currently in.
  2. Hover over the heart, and click on the collections icon.
  3. Select the collection that you would like to remove the restaurant from.
    You can also select another collection, that you would like to add the restaurant to.
  4. When you are finished, Click 'Done'.
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