1. Visit waitrapp.com.

2. Make sure you have created a profile.

3. Click 'Start Order' in the upper-left corner of the page.

4. Enter your address to view a list of restaurants in your area. 

5. Want us to bring your order to you? Select 'Delivery.' Want to pick it up yourself? Select 'Carryout.'

6. Select a restaurant to view its menu.

7. Browse the menu and add items to your ticket.
*You may be prompted to select required options for that item. Don't forget to include any special requests!

8. When you are finished adding items to your cart, click 'Review Order' in the sidebar.

9. Choose the time you would like your order to be ready and select your phone number. If you selected delivery, you will need to enter your address as well.

10. Select your form of payment.

11. Adjust your tip and submit your order by tapping 'Place My Order' to track your food in real time

It’s that simple!

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